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Millions of shoppers are waiting for your products.

At biddi, we believe that beautiful things need time, craft, heart and attention to detail and quality. That’s why we’ve built a digital community of like-minded brands and artisans who create unique products - each with their very own online store.

Be part of a beautiful curation of carefully handpicked shops

Every brand or individual seller on has a character, an attitude or a style that attracts our customers. If you can buy something in a shopping mall, chances are it won’t be available on biddi. Our marketplace is for those things that are extraordinary and unique, and that’s our commitment to our sellers.

Selling your products on biddi is easy and intuitive.

You can start selling in a few easy steps, and open your very own store in no time at all.

Upload your items

Upload your items

We will review it to see if it meets our quality criteria

Customize your store

Customize your store

Use beautiful, well shot, imagery to draw people into your store.

Start Selling

Start Selling

Be descriptive, tell stories, People like to know the history behind products.


Our platform also helps sellers to connect with buyers on a deeper level by giving them the tools to tell their brand and product stories, the design philosophy that has gone into making the products, the origin story of a product and its distinctive attributes.

From selling to store opening.

At Biddi we only look for serious sellers that are able to provide great quality products, perfectly showcased, with beautiful imagery and descriptions. After all, things made with love and heart deserved to be presented the same way.

Before you are invited to open a full-fledge store on biddi

there are a few things we look out for:


Post item

Once you post an item, we’ll review it and if it meets our quality criteria we’ll give you the all clear. If it doesn’t, we’ll suggest ways to help make your post better.



Store eligibility

After you’ve successfully uploaded 5 items correctly, we’ll invite you to create a store.


Interaction with buyers

Once your store is up and running, we’ll help you manage it and interact with buyers in our community.


Everything you need to grow your business.

Nothing would make us happier than seeing you succeed while doing the things you love. So we’ve created a number of effective tools and services that will help you manage your business through your biddiboard.

Community Management

Monitor and interacti with your followers & customers.

Finance Management

Easy and intuitive financial tools available to all sellers.

Instant Messaging

Directly contact your customers before and after any order.

Order Management

You can track all your orders and handling through your biddiboard.

Inventory Management

Manage all your inventory including replenishment, pricing, and editing your product descriptions.

Featured Products

Every, month we feature trending or unique brands in our “Biddi picks” section on the homepage, social networks, newsletter and blog.


Let's make the world more interesting

Selling FAQs

There’s no such things as too many questions.

  • Who can sell with us?

    Anyone and everyone who have hand-made, special and unique items that is created and crafted with love.

  • Do I really need to have a store?

    Having a store is like having your own mini-website on Plus, this gives you and your products a bigger chance of getting featured on our homepage or newsletter.

    Please note though that you'll need to have at least 5 posts to activate a store.

  • Is it free to sell on biddi?

    Totally. Post and sell for free. We deduct fees only when you’ve made a successful transaction.

  • Who handles payments?

    biddi® will receive the payments on your behalf. Buyers can pay either by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal and Cash on Delivery (COD).

  • Ok, but how do I get paid then?

    Funds from each successful transaction will get transferred to your biddi account 14 days from the date of confirmed delivery.

    From there, you have the flexibility of withdrawing from our biddi account either partially or in full. You also have the option to choose of how to get paid: either by cheque or through bank transfer.

    Bank transfer fees are shouldered by you.

  • How can I ship my products?

    For UAE vendors:

    Aramex through biddi -We understand that you are a busy bee and hence biddi offers you a one-click solution. Ship with Aramex through biddi because it’s

    • Convenient- Simply generate the AWB from your biddiBoard to automatically schedule a pick up. No phone calls.
    • Cost effective- shipping costs are paid for by your buyer.
    • Fast- 1-2 working days delivery time from date of pickup.
    • Transparent - Easily monitor and keep track of the the shipment, either from your biddiBoard or directly from Aramex’s website.

    Seller’s Delivery

    • Freedom- To choose which courier partner you like to work with
    • Personal- biddi is a community and we are all for building connections. Personally deliver items and meet your buyer in person!

    For non-UAE vendors: Seller’s Delivery only

  • How much is the shipping cost?

    For biddi's Aramex deliveries, your buyer will pay for the delivery cost.

    If you choose either or both shipping option, the basic charge is AED 12, up to 10kg. AED 2 will be added per succeeding kg.

    The final delivery cost will depend on the weight of the product you are selling and how many pieces your buyer is purchasing.

    This will be added on top of your product's selling price which will be shown under the "Delivery" tab.

    If you choose to offer Seller's Delivery, delivery is automatically free for the buyer. As such, it would be best for your to consider this when pricing your item before selling it online.

  • Are there any restrictions as to what I can sell online?

    All items posted on the site is subject to our Marketing team's approval before going live.

    Please contact us to know more.

  • As a seller, can we specify our own Returns and Refunds policy?

    We have a standard Returns policy applicable to all vendors by default. If you wish to use your own, please contact us.

  • How do I refund a buyer?

    You can’t but we can. After the successful return of an item, we will automatically receive a notification for the refund request which will be process accordingly.

  • Can I refuse a return or charge a certain fee for the return?

    We are all for the buyer's satisfaction and we highly recommend that you do not refuse any return simply because you'll lose the sale. Below are pointers that you may want to consider for any returns:

    • If the returned item is not in the same packaging, is damaged beyond repackaging or not in its original state as you have dispatched it, you may charge a certain restocking fee as you see fit instead of refusing the return.
    • If the item(s) being returned is damaged, defective, misrepresented or not a described by you or the manufacturer, only then will a full refund be provide including any shipping cost that may have been paid by the buyer and any cost incurred for the return.
  • Someone has returned a purchase. Can you also refund the processing fee and/or commission fees for me?

    Commission fees will only be refunded if a product has been completely returned by the buyer for whichever reason.

    The processing fee is non-refundable since the transaction has been completed by biddi®

  • Do I have to provide warranty/guarantee for my products?

    This purely depends on you since you sell the product.

  • Can biddi cover the warranty for my merchandise instead?

    Unfortunately, we cannot. Sorry!

  • It says that my account is suspended when I tried to log in. Why biddi? Why?

    This makes us sad but we won't do it without any reason. Your account may have been suspended due to:

    • Unfulfilled transactions (maximum of 2 consecutive) under your account and all modes of communication initiated by biddi has not been responded to.
    • Violation of our Listing Guideline and its stated restrictions.
    • Violation of our Terms & Conditions

    Should you encounter this, please contact us.

for more information contact customer support