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Kota Doria Purple Saree

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Kota doria gets its name from Kota, a place in Rajasthan(India), where the sarees are generally manufactured, "doria" means thread.

The discrete weave was originated in Mysore. It was in the late 17th century, that Maharao Kishore Singh, a general of the Mughal army, brought the weavers from Mysore to Rajasthan. These weavers were called as Masurias and the Kota doriya sarees have since then been also called asKota Masuria sarees.

The Kota doria has a very distinct look- the square patterns. These squares are referred to as ‘khats’. The checkered weave of the Kota sari , made on the traditional pit looms, is one of its kind.

This exhibit has a purple body with golden jari border.

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