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Original scent - Shea butter . Grade A Unrefined African Shea butter with a variety of aromatic essential oils Shea butter is the natural fat extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, also called Mangifolia tree, which grows in the semi-dry savannahs of West and Central Africa.Shea Butter Seeds:Collecting the nuts and taking the butter out of them is a hard work for African women who usually spend almost 20 hours to be able to produce 1 kg of Shea butter.Shea Butter has been used in Africa for centuries due to its rich benefits when it comes to protecting the skin, and today it is widely used in cosmetology with excellent results.Shea Butter Ingredients:It contains vegetable fats that boost cell regeneration and cinnamic acid which provides natural protection against the sun. It also contains unsaponifiables which give Shea butter top moisturizing and healing properties.Pure and unrefined Shea butter is rich in A, E, F and K vitamins. Vitamin E helps the skin stay balanced and clear, vitamin A boosts collagen, hydrates and protects the skin from premature aging while vitamin F is known for its revitalizing properties.-Shea butter acts as a multi-purpose natural agent and comes to rescue in many health and beauty conditions. Some of these are listed below 01.Blemishes and wrinkles02. Sunburn03. Skin Rash04. Dry Skin05.Dry Hair06. Itching skin07.Lip balm08. Skin peeling09. Skin Cracks10. Cold Weather11. Shaving Cream For Silky Smooth Skin12. Frostbite13. Small Skin Wounds14. Tough or Rough Skin15. Stretch Mark Prevention16. Muscle Fatigue, Aches and Tension17. Insect Bites18. Eczema19. Skin Damage From Heat20. Before And After Strenuous Exercise21. Dermatitis22. Allergies
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