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Elton John 2016 painting by Alexander Zhukovsky _Beetle_

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"Elton JohnPeace to Your Home" 2016

Item specificsSeller Notes:“All damages and way of painting, are the idea of the author”Originality: OriginalSize: Giant (over 60in.)Listed By: Artist representativeWidth (Inches): 62Style: Outsider ArtHeight (Inches): 53Materials: Mixed mediaArtist: Alexander Zhukovsky (Beetle)Era: 1950-NowFeatures: SignedType: PaintingQuantity Type: Single-Piece WorkSubject: Famous Paintings/Painters

The picture of Elton John's portrait, the title "Peace to Your Home", is made in the mixed media technique of cloth / oil (the author used to work the ancient hand-embroidered hand-made cross of linen fabric, which is about 100 years old) .The painting was written in memory of the deceased mother of the artist, who was very fond of Elton John creativity and even during life asked to draw a musician. When the mother died, the artist fulfilled her wish, perhaps this picture will fall into the hands of Elton John himself, the artist's mother dreamed about it. She said: "Alex, draw Elton John and he will buy your picture. "

Alexander Zhukovsky (Beetle):

                               / Outsider from Art /

Art historians, art critics and other art lovers call him a real outsider, he considers himself - a naive artist, self-taught.

His first expo, truly "naive painting" caused an explosion scandalous popularity and have been identified by critics as a "new naive" or "post-modernism from the naive art", with an emphasis on the uniqueness of this phenomenon. Topics of the early paintings Alexander devoted feasts, weddings, everyday scenes and notable for their brutality and expressiveness, made mostly with oil paints on pieces of cardboard or burlap. 

The sculptural works carved from local stone, visible aesthetics of African masks and stone statues of the ancient Scythians, who lived on these lands in the IV - II millennium BC.

Participation of the artist in different art projects changed technique, size and style of his works. Dialogue with professional artists and sincere interest in contemporary (contemporary art) attaches to the work of Zhukovsky monumental images.

He elaborated a special style with its original equipment (ink, pencil, bleach on cloth), became interested in the creation of installations and art objects. This unique synthesis of outsider art and contemporary trends in the world of art, gives to the works of Zhukovsky the quality that distinguishes his work aesthetic feature and depth of image transfer object.

But for the "Beetle" (Beetle - is nick known to friends and colleagues from the workshop) in fact, the important thing is that he does what he likes, allowing him to escape from the boredom of life to a frenzy of creativity. 

Beetle use all available materials, everything that falls under the arms: the old grandmother's tablecloth, embroidered 100 years ago, old grape crates; Draws on the sheets of the second-hand and bleach stains, while maintaining the naturalness, the already battered, jammed into holes things. Sometimes he artificially ages the brand new fabric, corroding into holes bleach, like burning and erasing the boundaries between past and present, leaving the hope for a brighter future ...

Alexander Zhukovsky was born 08/11/1979 in Ukraine, Kherson.

In 1999, he graduated from the PTU-9 and qualified chefs 4th category. From 2000 to 2010 he lived in the village. Belozerka. In 2010 he returned to Kherson, where he lives and works today. He is married and has 4 children.


Participation in collective exhibitions:

2014 - "workshop", SEC Factory, Kherson;

2013 - "Dick-Art", an exhibition hall NUAU, Kherson;

2011 - The "Space Odyssey" Art Arsenal, Kyiv;

2011 - The "New technologies", ITC number 105 Kherson;

2008 - "South Colours" Art Arsenal, Kyiv;

2007 - "Project spіlnot", Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev;

2006 - "Young Artists of Kherson and Belozerka" Museum of Modern Art, Kherson;

2005 - "People's Artist", the festival "Dіd tse baba", Kherson.

The artworks are in private collections in Spain, and Israel. Also in Berlin, Moscow, Kiev, Kherson, etc.


Alexander Zhukovsky, who was born in a family of photographer Yury Anatolievich Zhukovsky. Father was doing a photo on the beaches of the Black Sea, near the resorts and vacation homes.

At home were constantly living animals: camels and monkeys. Camel lived in a garage with a donkey and monkey in the house, in the cells. One monkey was calmer, her name was Chita, and the second was mad - Judy (elongated muzzle and red ass). We were all afraid of her.

Everywhere in the house there were large homemade toys: all sorts of clowns, elephants, palm trees in full size. There were huge inflatable lips, whales and dolphins.

That is probably somehow through father, creativity and love to arts came to Alex.

His parents separated when they with his elder brother were small. 

They lived in the house of his father, with Grany (grandmother). She raised us - said Alex. And babysit helped her to with us. Nanny - so we called her. She raised two generation of Zhukovsky. Although she was without one leg, She had a prosthesis that was almost never worn. Sitting, read for us and telling interesting stories.

And from an early age, as I can remember, I always drew. When I grown up, attraction to draw, supplanted other interests: passion for sports and girls. 

Drank, smoked, wasting time, having fun. And funs were up to while he get to the prison the for theft from neighborhood garage. Took 2 years.

After these events, stress, like me sobered.

One day, after a week spent in the Kherson prison, I was sitting near to the window with the grid. From the window I could see Catherine's Cathedral, the oldest church of the city. He pulled a piece of cardboard and a pencil drew a cathedral, trees, street.

Alex: Perhaps at this point I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to this task,  life jacket was thrown, so I not drowned in the depths of prison life.

Two years spent in jail in Berdyansk. He worked in the carpentry workshop, making stools and coffins. Next to the woodwork, in a nearby barracks, there was an art workshop. Going into the studio, I felt the smell of paint, easels and saw guys were painting. And in my head again flashed the thought: "Yes, I want to be an artist!".

All free time, I painted, drew, painted like a madman. On paper, cardboard, wood, on a handkerchief, on everything that came to hand. Drew with charcoal, pens, pencils, brilliant green, iodine.

One day, I was signing my jersey with bleach (your initials and number of unit), pay attention to the bleach as the paints.

Looking back, I can say with certainty that - bitter experience for me, was not in vain. I became an artist and discovered a bleach-like paints that I use in my work, up to this day...

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