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Classic Laurel Ghar Soap, Pack of 3

AED 58

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About the product
With the traditional percentage of laurel oil, this is the best Aleppo soap that you can get for your skin.
If you want to experience the luxurious feeling that a traditional Ghar soap creates, choose this classic version. Enjoy the smooth feeling and the aroma that lingers all day long.

Product Features:
Benefits of Olive & Laurel Oils among all LauraZens Soap Range:

For skin
Gentle natural cleanser.
Keep skin clogs open and oil free.
Provide a natural hydration.
Fight dryness.
Fight premature aging.
Rich with antibacterial.
Prevent acnes.
Keep skin soft, smooth and supple.
Kill bacteria that cause bad odor.

For hair
Natural cleanser.
keep the hair soft and shiny.
Suitable for all types of hair.
Help get rid of dandruff.
Strengthen the hair follicles.
Prevent hair loss.
Rich in antioxidants.
Effective against itchy & dry scalp.
Delay appearance of gray hair.
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